Restoring Textiles to Pre-Loss Condition

Fire · Smoke · Oil spills · Vandalism · Water damage · Puffback damage · Construction debris · Crime scene clean-up ·
Animal contamination · Soot · Mold · Mildew odors
Once your order reaches our facility,we sort (dry cleaning from wet cleaning, hand cleaning, specialty and special handling items, etc.) Every item is tagged and inventoried, and handled by the appropriate department to achieve maximum results. If we encounter any questionable issues, loss-related or otherwise, we will contact you for input. Although our policy is to utilize the least aggressive, most effective means to produce the desired results, there are instances when cleaning attempts can result in further damage or degradation. We want you to be involved in that decision-making process.Restoration dry cleaning is designed to restore textiles to their pre-loss condition. Customarily, unless dyes have bled or an item was scorched, singed or irreversibly damaged in some way, our expert technicians achieve remarkable results. We do NOT charge your carrier for items we feel have not satisfactorily responded to the restoration cleaning process,and, if your carrier approves it, repairs to items that are cleanable, but suffer from other issues (zippers, hems, etc.) can also be addressed.

Insurance Carriers Handle Bill Payment

At RDC, we have an extensive background working with the insurance industry and we will send all billing directly to your carrier. There is no need for you to get bogged down with this portion of your loss. As long as we have the required documents, the billing and payment process is seamless and stress-free.

At Restoration Dry Cleaners, we are committed to the preservation of our environment and use Green cleaning technologies and methodologies. Our special odor removal procedures for smoke and oil are environmentally safe, while achieving maximum effectiveness.

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