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Below are answers to some questions our customers frequently ask about restoration dry cleaning and laundry services to restore household goods damaged in fires, floods and other disasters.


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What is Restoration Dry Cleaning?

At RDC, we specialize in the restoration of textiles that have been exposed to fire, smoke, soot, water, mold, puff-back, oil spills and other “disaster” situations. We utilize cutting-edge methods and technologies that surpass the capabilities of your  local dry cleaner. We can accommodate jobs of all sizes and scopes. Specializing in Dry and Wet restoration cleaning,  we successfully restore clothing, wedding gowns, couture garments, bedding, handbags, boots, belts and shoes, window treatments, oriental rugs, leather, fur, and suede goods, sporting goods, pillows, cushions, baby items (strollers, play-pens, hi-chairs, and even your child’s favorite “blankie” and stuffed toys. We guarantee superb, professional results.

We pick up, pack-out, and deliver your order back to you on hangers and in boxes, ready for reintegration into your household. If needed, we can store your order in one of our our secure, climate controlled warehouses, while you await completion of repairs to your premises. And, we welcome visits to our facility where you can select additional items to take with you or have delivered. Where there is a need, we will accommodate.


RDC restoration-dry-cleaning

Can RDC handle my laundry and special items, too?

Of course. We process all household soft goods. With experts in all departments, you can rest assured, your wash and fold, dry cleaning pillows, rugs, hand cleaning,  cushions, silk, leather, fur, suede goods and items such as delicate ethnic attire will be processed by the appropriate specialists.


RDC restoration-dry-cleaning

How fast can I get my order back?

Customarily, an average-sized order will take 10 -14 days to complete. However, we are committed to returning an emergency order to you, 24-48 hours from the time of pick-up. While our goal is to reunite you with your belongings as soon as possible, experience has shown that sacrificing speed for quality is never a good idea. Your emergency order should consist of several days clothing/items for each household member.  In addition, if you have any special occasion needs on the horizon, we recommend you include those clothing needs with your emergency order.

The balance of your order will be scheduled for processing in the order in which it was received.  However, it is important that your premises be ready to receive the order when it is delivered back.  Your order will likely consist of a combination of hanging goods, boxes and bagged goods and if applicable, rolled area rugs, wrapped window treatments, etc.

To minimize the stress, it is important that the clean up/remediation has been fully completed, all reconstruction is finished, your walls and  closets are  painted and the clothing rods and shelves reinstalled, window treatment hardware has been reinstalled by the contractor and all areas, which customary host your belongings, are cleaned, prepared and ready to go!


RDC restoration-dry-cleaning

Can you store my order?

We understand getting your home back in order after a loss can take time.  We are here to help!  We offer storage in our secure, climate-controlled warehouses, and welcome you to come in (by appointment, please) to check your order or to take some of your belongings, as needs arise.  In addition, we can deliver your order to a storage facility of your choosing and provide commercial grade garment racks to further accommodate your needs. (Carrier approval required.)


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Will my insurance company work directly with RDC?

Restoration Dry Cleaners’ commitment to excellence in customer service and our expertise in textile restoration, has earned us an exemplary reputation in the industry.  Our long-standing relationships with adjusters allow for open and easy rapport within the insurance community. Positive customer feedback, coupled with our ability to prepare and submit billing estimates and documents that meet or exceed the carriers’ parameters has made RDC a seamless and preferred option.


RDC restoration-dry-cleaning

Do you use harsh chemicals to clean my clothing?

Our policy is always to use the least aggressive, most effective means necessary to restore each garment. Our natural deodorization process, coupled with our Green cleaning methodologies and solutions assure an environmentally safe way to clean and restore your textiles.


RDC restoration-dry-cleaning

Does restoration dry cleaning make sense? What if an item does not come clean?

Our amazingly high success rates make restoration dry cleaning the most sensible choice! When we restore your textiles to their pre-loss condition, our service costs a fraction of the replacement cost. In fact, most people think their items look better after we return them than they did before the damage occurred. In addition, when you consider all the time and energy you save, in addition to money, by not having to search for replacements, our service is the most stress-free option. Since most insurance policies have “caps” on how much coverage is available for your content repair and replacement, our service frees up funds for replacement of property that cannot be restored. As a courtesy to the insurance carriers, we offer a risk-free promise; if we attempt to clean an item, but feel it has not responded satisfactorily, we will remove all associated cleaning fees for that item from our invoice.

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